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  • 18:47: I look back at teenage me and cringe but I'm also impressed at how much more aware I became. So, good job past me, you turned out alright
  • 06:11: every single show I'm watching right now is making me weepy. Every. Single. One.
  • 06:42: NBD https://t.co/i9Au4uWuyb
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  • 01:24: @ROWAN_MACLEAN hey Fecal, do you happen to know Unity 3D? One of my friends is looking for awesome women artists with that skill
  • 01:29: RT @ASlavitt: HEADLINE 2: Ryancare cuts Medicaid by 25% or $880 billion. Medicaid cares for kids, ppl w disabilities, seniors in LT care &…
  • 03:37: Stay safe all my winter storm having friends!
  • 03:39: RT @dakotamorgan3: Had a fun interview with @CameronBowen aka Robin in season 2 of the hit DC comics tv show, Young Justice. Now on Comic C…
  • 03:45: RT @maddow: 24 million people losing insurance is roughly equivalent to the population of: VT AL ND SD DE MT RI ME NH ID WV NE NM KS WY *…
  • 04:21: my regular 10 minute step machine session has grown to be a regular 22 minute step machine session. Progress!
  • 05:42: RT @VFXSoldier: What a difference a year makes. https://t.co/cDdbmR6Fee
  • 08:20: RT @comicsalliance: Twitch Runs 800-Episode 'Power Rangers' Marathon for Superfans Someone Should Probably Check On https://t.co/xehvHhOiFY